About ASSL

1. Promote energy efficiency.
2. Support development of viable renewable energy projects.
3. Help develop and implement policies that will increase the production of renewable energy in Bangladesh.
4. Build a market in Bangladesh for renewable energy.
5. Foster and demonstrate stakeholder unity in support of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Bangladesh.

About Us


Sustainability: We deliver solutions which are economically advantageous and up to the highest expectations of our customers and partners.

Responsibility: We are responsible toward our natural environment.

Commitment: We commit to bring the best environmentally friendly technologies and to keep developing renewable energy solutions for sustainable world as well as thinking ahead and taking new initiatives to achieve our mission.

Transparency and Integrity: ASSL believes in maintaining transparency and integrity in all activities performed by the company.

Corporate Slogan

“Renewable Energy for a Sustainable World” is the slogan of ASSL.

Mission & Vision

We believe in creating a sustainable energy future. Our mission is to power Bangladesh with reliable, cleaner and more affordable energy.

Our vision is to become the leading clean and renewable energy company in Bangladesh by providing sustainable energy solutions through a socially responsible manner.

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